Here at Harrisons we are able to offer a comprehensive array of machining services. With our 660sq/meter 7,100sq/ft Machine shop, which is serviced by two overhead cranes of 5 tonne and 3 tonne respectively, we have no problems in handling the larger projects that come our way with the larger machine capacity to back it up …


  • 6 meter Elgamill X-4.300 mm Y-950 & Z-1000 mm
  • Ajax bedmill capacity X-1400 mm Y-1000 mm & Z-1000 mm
  • Laguna bedmill capacity X-1800 Y-1000 mm & Z-1000 mm
  • Colchester tornado bar fed c.n.c lathe bar capacity 85 mm diameter sliding head 8 turret tool station
  • Colchester 2000 c.n.c lathe
  • 6 meter Binns and Berry centre lathe
  • 2 off vertical borers 1500 mm  and 2000 mm turning diameter respectively
  • Harrisons 400 plus c.n.c lathe
  • 16 tonne Forklift
  • 45 tonne & 15 tonne mobile crane capacity


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