Lapping Machines

Lapping Machines

Over the past 15 years we have designed and manufactured machines for end users as well as all major suppliers throughout the lapping industry. Harrisons Lapping Machines are in service throughout the world, from Japan to the USA and right across Europe.

Specialising in the manufacture of single sided lapping machines, we can adapt our machines to offer a bespoke solution to any handling or tool requirements.

Lapping is a cost effective process for rapidly achieving flatness, parallelism and surface finishing to a wide range of components and materials. The process is used in a diverse range of industries.

Our lapping machines range in size from 380mm diameter through to 2500mm and are supplied in three standard formats.

  1. Where parts are heavy enough to lap under their own weight or under the hand weights supplied an open face machine is sufficient.
  1. When parts are too light to lap under their own weight or when extra pressure is required to reduce cycle times we provide machines with a pneumatic pressure pad over each ring.
  1. The third option is a water cooled sub plate. Where factors such as abrasive use, parts being lapped and pressure combine to heat the plate and cause it to deform, water cooling can prevent the build up of heat and help maintain good flatness.


Other special features that can be offered are variable speed drive, soft start, pneumatically controlled table top and special jigging.  Our machines can also be adapted to suit a wide range of abrasives from diamond to peristaltic pump systems.


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